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Spitfires & RMBC Realize Tremendous Fundraising Gains During Mastercard Memorial Cup

Jun 1st, 2017

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Toronto, ON – June 1, 2017: The Mastercard Memorial Cup Champion and host Windsor Spitfires and their associated non-profit, the Riverside Minor Baseball Club (RMBC), realized upwards of close to an 800% increase in fundraising revenue using 5050 Central’s platform during the tournament.

The RMBC recently signed an agreement with 5050 Central and utilized the raffling system for the first time during the tournament, gaining a substantial amount of increased fundraising revenue.

Close to $140,000 was raised during the tournament, which saw average 50/50 raffle pot sizes greater than $17,000 per game, with the Memorial Cup Final pot finishing over $42,000. In comparison, their 2016-2017 season-high using the traditional paper raffle method saw a pot of only $5,400.

"The monies raised exceeded by far our expectations,” said RMBC chairperson Bill Kell. “They will be used for the operation, equipment and improvements, to our sports centre including the seed funding for the creation of a miracle sports field for challenged athletes.”

The platform delivers an effortless data collection system providing faster transactions, longer selling periods, accountability and overall ease of use, leading to the substantial increases in average raffle proceeds. 

"The equipment, installation, support and reliability throughout the ten day championships given by 5050 Central was outstanding,” said Kell. “The easy operation of the electronic equipment, as compared to our previous paper ticket system, gave our sellers confidence in the system, and our patrons, through their comments, absolutely enjoyed the experience, excitement and ease of following their tickets for the winning number."

Everyone involved benefits from the fundraising effort through the platform. This includes the lucky fans winning half the pot, the non-profit organization receiving proceeds from the other half and the volunteer sellers gaining experience and supporting a great cause.

"It made the whole experience of selling 50/50 fun and easy," added RMBC 50/50 coordinator Tim Hamilton.



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